About Broadland Lawn Care

We ‘service your lawn’ every time we come around.
Feed, Weed, Moss Control and Seed

​Broadland Lawn Care is an independent franchise and this allows us to adjust our treatments, products and approaches to you and your lawn. Why choose Broadland Lawn Care, because you will receive a bespoke service that is knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, reliable and effective.

We only use the best commercial products for your lawn which have been sourced from leading UK fertilizer and herbicide suppliers. Where possible we also aim to use organic and environmentally friendly products. If this is not possible then then we will minimise the use of these products through careful, accurate and correct application. This will encourage the grass to become healthier over time and this will create a greener and vibrant lawn whilst removing weeds and mosses as the seasons progress.

Broadland Lawn Care know the importance of keeping our customers happy. At Broadland Lawn Care we have laid out a customer guarantee and this can be found below.



Customer guarantee

Free lawn survey and health check

Broadland Lawn Care will:

  • Make a timed appointment to visit you
  • Be on time, if not we will quickly inform you of any delays
  • Broadland Lawn Care will not ask you to sign a contract at any time, you are free to stop treatments for any reason
  • Broadland Lawn Care will only ask for payment after every treatment
  • Provide a friendly, efficient and effective service