Paddock Topping

Broadland Lawn Care provide paddock topping services throughout Norfolk and have the flexibility to meet individual customer’s needs. The cutting or mowing of grassland is an essential part of paddock maintenance traditionally carried out around June to July time. Paddock topping ensures a good quality, durable, dense, healthy and attractive grass sward.

A healthy grass sward is the best barrier to weeds and provides a quality pasture which is free from weeds and disease, attractive and functional.

Use Broadland Lawn Care topping service to:

  • Make the most of your grassland as horses have limited ability to utilise poor quality grass
  • Keep grass at the optimum height for grazing which is important for selective grazers such as horses
  • Crush the grass crowns with the roller to encourage new grass to spread
  • Reduce old grass with little leaf and promote fresh grass which tastes better with twice the nutrient content
  • Prevent weeds, such as ragwort, from going to seed and minimises weeds spreading
  • Reduce grass cuttings to mulch which enables it to rot quickly. Mulch feeds and revitalises the soil allowing animals to return and graze sooner.
  • Prevent animals from grazing on poor pasture as sparse, dry swards can cause horses to ingest too much soil with the grass and lead to colic.

Price on application.