Leaf Clearing

Broadland Lawn Care are happy to provide leaf clearing services either as a one off visit or as part of regular garden maintenance in the Norfolk and Norwich area.

Leaves can damage to your lawn. Leaf clearing should be carried out regularly as not only will a thick layer of decaying leaves stop the light reaching to your grass but also worms eat the leaves, pull them below the ground and push up casts across your lawn. Snow may also turn the leaves on your garden to mush.

Leaf clearance is usually carried out around November & December, Autumn time, during leaf fall. Broadland Lawn Care can clear the leaves from gravelled areas, paths, lawns, patios, etc.

For commercial customers leaf clearance is an important consideration where paths, car parks, drives, etc. must be hazard free. Leaves over hard standing areas can become slippery and a liability if not cleared.

Broadland Lawn Care will make sure all leaf fall is removed and composted at £40 per hour.