Basic seasonal treatment

Our basic seasonal treatment involves 3 treatments throughout the year

Treatment 1 – April/May/June – Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control

Once spring has sprung the treatment will begin. The long lasting slow release non scorch fertilizer gives your lawn a fast green-up after the rigors of winter. Our fertilizer has a unique balance to stimulate good microbial growth activity promoting stronger root growth and thicker grass sward. This balanced feed will give you the dark green striped lawn that your neighbours will be envious of. We also spray selective herbicide directly onto weeds. As the weeds die back your lawn will flourish leaving you with lush green grass with no weeds

Treatment 2 – September/October – Autumn Fertilizer and Weed Control

An autumn fertilizer is supplied at this time of year to maintain the health and vigour of your lawn prior to the harshness of winter. This balance feed will improve healthy root growth and lead to more drought tolerant, hardy and disease resistant lawn next season. We’ll also spray any new weeds that have formed over the summer with selective herbicides leaving your lawn free for winter. Don’t worry if there are leaves interfering with the treatment we will clear them away beforehand.

Treatment 3 – November/February – Moss Control

Winter feed and moss controlMoss can be a major problem for lawns during the winter. We will spray the moss before it builds up and causes harm to your lawn. The liquid treatment plus additional feed kills the moss and also improves the overall colour of your lawn.

Prices for these services vary from lawn to lawn.
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