One off treatments, Repairs and troubleshooting

I offer a complete range of repair services according to the needs of your lawn and these include Aeration, Scarifying, Reseed, Weed and Feed.


AerationAeration will help to alleviate soil compaction, allow water and nutrients to flow into the root zone more easily and bring important soil microbes and micro-nutrients back to the surface of the soil. The process of aeration is by far the most effective method of eradicating moss and thatch build up from your lawn. We will use either solid tines (to relieve compaction) or hollow line to reduce thatch problems.


ScarificationScarification is the mechanical removal of thatch build up and dead moss. This is a labour intensive job whereby the years of build up and decline of your lawn can be undone. Your lawn may look worse after the treatment however it is an essential part of the rejuvenation process and is highly beneficial for your lawn in the long term.

Lawn Repair

Lawn RepairWithin the lawn repair surface we will reinstate dead, damaged and badly worn areas of your lawn.This will generally involve re-seeding techniques.

One Off Seasonal Weed & Feed

Weed controlI offer a one off seasonal weed and feed application if needed.

Prices for these services vary from lawn to lawn. To receive a no obligation quote visit our contact us page or call Asen on 01603 891634 or 07523 106754.